Vinyl Floors

This particular service are the ultimate floors that keep water on top from penetrating past the vinyl floors into the flooring foundation and look amazing. But in a lot of case it is very hard to cut vinyl floors perfectly and can look very ugly with out caulking all the cuts and gaps. By caulking the vinyl floors, you make them look amazing and 100% waterproofed.

Sealing Solutions Services is a Melbourne caulking services company that covers every type of caulking work for all domestic and commercial projects. We have been waterproofing Melbourne businesses and residential properties with our workers that have more than 8 years of experience and have a very high quality standard in all caulking works. We have a strong reputable image in the caulking scene with all of our clients being very satisfied. Sealing Solutions Services is a fully insured caulking company with peace of mind for many years to come on all of our jobs.