Fire rated Caulking

Fire rated Caulking

Fire rated caulking is a must in a lot of basement areas to pass a building certificate. It stops fires from passing from one room to another & can be used to close gaps and cracks without noticing it is applied. 

When this is not done correctly, the outcome may look very unprofessional.

As a result, this will devalue a building property when selling. Don’t let your building suffer, do it right with a professional caulker.

Sealing Solutions Services is a Melbourne caulking services company that covers every type of caulking work for all domestic and commercial projects. 

Waterproofing Melbourne businesses and residential properties with our workers that have more than 8 years of experience & have a very high quality standard in all caulking works. 

We have a strong reputable image in the caulking scene with all of our clients being very satisfied. We are a fully insured caulking company with peace of mind for many years to come on all of our jobs.